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The Exotic List

A complete list of our exotic strain offerings, hand-picked from the best growers in Colorado. Visit the pre-order menu for pricing and availability. 

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Updated 5/11/22


Motorbreath 15

Key Lime Mintz

Peyote Cookies

Sundae Stomper

Pure GMO

Cherry Runtz

MAC and Cheese

Sweat Helmet (Craft Exotic)

Tropaya (Craft Exotic)

Funyunz (Craft Exotics)

Colorado Cream Soda (Exclusive to Frost) (Craft Exotic)

Waiting Game (Craft Exotics)

Kosher Chem Brulee

Double Lemon Gucci

Apple Fritter (Craft Exotic)

Tahoe Alien (Craft Exotic)

Caked Up Cherries (Craft Exotic)


Blue Gelato 41

Panama Punch


White Castlez


Lemon Frazzle Drip (Craft Exotic)

Cujo (Craft Exotic)

Orange Cookie Kush (Craft Exotic)


93 Cough (Craft Exotic)

Menage (Craft Exotic)

L.A. Kush Cake (Craft Exotic)


Extra Pulp (Craft Exotic)

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