New from Frost Exotic Cannabis Denver Dispensary:

Cannabis Delivery in Denver

Frost Exotic Cannabis has long been one of the premier recreational cannabis dispensaries in Denver, Colorado. As a pioneer in the cannabis industry, we have been providing top-quality product to our customers for years. Now, we are pleased to announce that we are offering marijuana delivery in Denver. You can now purchase your favorite strains, concentrates, vapes and everything else that Frost has to offer without having to leave your home!

A New Era: Cannabis Delivery in Denver

marijuana being delivered in denverIn April of 2021, the Denver City Council legalized the delivery of recreational marijuana. Dispensaries around town quickly began getting things in order to apply for the required delivery licenses. And in August of 2021, Denver marijuana delivery began.

Frost Exotic Cannabis is proud to be in the first wave of local shops to receive a license and begin offering the service. While we take great pride in our brick-and-mortar dispensary location on Federal and Alameda, we are aware that the popularity of marijuana delivery is bound to grow quickly. Delivery, in general, is a gigantic part of the future of retail in all industries, not just cannabis. We are excited that our cannabis business is getting in on the ground floor.


We’re all new to this, so you’ll probably have some questions. Here are what we anticipate to be some of the most commonly asked questions as weed delivery in Denver begins. We are happy to explain how it works and to assist you with your purchase.

We have partnered with Dutchie for our delivery orders. They specialize in cannabis delivery across the metro area.

Follow this link to access their Frost Exotic Cannabis-specific delivery menu.

No. Per regulations, delivery orders must be placed with a third party delivery service.

If you are curious about what strains or cannabis product we currently have in stock, this may be the way to go. As you may know, our inventory can change quickly (particularly when it comes to flower strains). We do our best to make sure our online menu is updated as soon as any and all new products are available for sale.

As mentioned above, because of our quickly changing inventory, we may have products in stock that are not listed online. If you have something in mind and you can’t find it available for delivery, give us a call!

Delivery from Frost Exotic Cannabis is available from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

It may take a few hours for your order to be delivered. This is mainly due to the limited amount of companies who are currently licensed to deliver cannabis. Your driver may have to make multiple stops before arriving at your address. 

No. Just as with visiting a dispensary, state law allows for only one recreational marijuana purchase per day. As such, if you have come into the shop that day and made a purchase at the store, you will not be allowed a delivery order and vis versa.

The law requires that all cannabis deliveries go to a residential address, but they do not have to go to YOUR residential address. If you are ordering from a friend’s house that’s fine. But you are not allowed to place orders from a non-residential address such as an office or hotel. Currently, we can only deliver to Denver addresses.

No, but you can pay with a debit card. A note about debit card transactions, however: When paying with a card we use a cashless ATM machine and that every debit card used will be assessed fees from their bank for “out of network ATM withdrawal.” Additionally, if you pay for the order with a debit card, the name on the card must match the name on the order and the ID presented when your driver delivers your order.

You are allowed to order up to your legal limit in product. You can purchase up to 1 ounce of flower or its equivalent in concentrates and edibles.

Yes, you are allowed to use an out-of-state ID. You are not allowed to use a temporary out-of-state ID. It must be a valid US-issued driver’s license or ID card, military ID, passport, US recognized tribal card are all acceptable forms of identification.

We are currently only accepting same-day deliveries.

No. The law requires that deliveries be handled by a third-party, licensed marijuana delivery service. When your order arrives, it will be with one of our trusted delivery partners.

When your order arrives, you will be asked to show your ID to verify your age and that you are the person who placed the order. It is required that the ID presented match the name on the order. Also, if you paid for the order with a debit card, the name on the card must match the name on the order and the ID. If the person who placed the order is not present at the time of delivery, the driver will not be able to complete the delivery.

Currently, we can only deliver to Denver addresses.

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