Denver’s Best Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolled joints have become a popular way to consume cannabis, and Denver is home to some of the best pre-roll-makers around. Here are some of our favorite brands from the Mile High City.

The Innovation of Pre-Rolled Joints

Back in the days before legalization, joints were pretty much joints. Some could roll a tight doob better than others, but there wasn’t much “innovation” going on. Cannabis legalization brought about a new era of pre-rolls, with companies putting their own spin on the classic joint.

From pre-rolls infused with hash oil to those made with top-shelf bud, there’s a pre-roll today out there for everyone. And Denver is home to some of the best brands in the business. Here are a few of our favorites:

710 Labs

710 labs pre rolls

Though many brands make a variety of cannabis products, there aren’t many that make a variety of cannabis products at the quality level that 710 Labs does. Their pre-rolls are no exception.

The most unique feature of 710’s pre-rolls is that they feature a gluten-free rotini noodle as a “filter.” This gives optimal airflow for a pleasant smoking experience. 710 breaks their bud by hand, avoiding abrasive grinders, cones, and machine fillers. They use all organic flower and no shake. They also claim to have the ideal marijuana-to-paper ratio.


stratos pre-roll joints

The Slow Burn joints by Stratos THC allegedly burn four times slower than the typical joint. The joints use flower, rather than trim, from various strains such as Wedding Cake, Bazookies 10 and OG Lime Killer. The oil added to Slow Burns is from the same flower strain, or a strain with comparable effects, as the flower in order to provide a balanced, pleasurable, and predictable high. Cannabis oil is extracted using carbon dioxide to provide a smoother pull than the sting of a harsh extract.


DADiRRi pre roll

DADiRRi is a family-owned and operated company that has been around since 2010 – an eternity in the cannabis industry. They use high THC products with many solventless options, sourced only from premium, local growers. They also have sophisticated procedures and testing in place to provide their consumers with “the greatest cannabis experience possible.”

While DADiRRI has a product line of your typical indica, sativa, and hybrid pre-rolls, what sets them apart are their Caviar SunRock cones and Bubble Hash cones.



Treat yourself to a luxury pre-rolled joint by Kaviar if you want to feel like a warrior and get a spectacular high. Kaviar Cones are composed of high-quality buds saturated in hash oil, rolled in kief, carefully wrapped in raw paper, and then capped with a branded glass smoking tip. There are three different types of Kaviar Cone: sativa, indica, or hybrid. There is a Kaviar Cone for every scenario. The trifecta of cannabis components produces an even stronger and more cerebral effect, while the pleasant flavor lingers for a long time.

Locol Love

local love pre roll

Locol Love provides a wide range of high-quality marijuana pre-rolls to Denver, CO. residents. The headquarters of Locol Love are located in the peaceful hills of Boulder, Colorado, where their genuine principles shine through in their products.

When it comes to Locol Love’s flower, you can notice a difference compared to many other sellers on the market. Every time you enjoy their pre-rolls, you can anticipate a thricome-filled and terpene-rich experience.

The Last Toke

There are many great Denver, CO. brands out there producing high-quality pre-rolls. The brands mentioned in this article are just a few of our favorites. Whatever your preference, you’re sure to find a pre-roll brand that’s perfect for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get over to Frost Exotic Cannabis Denver Dispensary and try some of these great brands for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

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