Maximizing Your Time: How Cannabis Delivery Can Help You Save Time

Maximizing Your Time How Cannabis Delivery Can Help You Save Time

Time is a precious commodity that we all wish we had more of. It’s hard to manage our time efficiently, and cannabis delivery can help us get the most out of each day. Cannabis delivery offers convenience, reliability, and efficiency for both medical and recreational users, allowing them to save valuable minutes while still enjoying […]

Denver’s Best Pre-Rolls

pre rolled joints on a black background

Pre-rolled joints have become a popular way to consume cannabis, and Denver is home to some of the best pre-roll-makers around. Here are some of our favorite brands from the Mile High City. The Innovation of Pre-Rolled Joints Back in the days before legalization, joints were pretty much joints. Some could roll a tight doob […]

The Dankest Dark Dabs in Denver

Melted cannabis oil concentrate aka shatter held on a dabbing tool over dark background

There’s a type of cannabis concentrate that can be hard to find in the Denver scene, and it’s dark. It’s so elusive, primarily because most people view darker concentrates as inferior. But there is a growing segment of dabbers who prefer the experience of the “dark dab” or “black dab,” as they are sometimes known. […]

Where to Find Rolling Trays in Denver

joint with marijuana, Cannabis buds on black table, close up, grinder with fresh weed,

Do you like to roll your own joints? If so, you’ll need a rolling tray. This is an essential tool for any smoker. Not only does it help keep your smoking environment clean, but it also makes the process of rolling a joint much easier. This blog post will discuss where to find rolling trays […]

An Introduction to Cannabidiol Skincare

Hemp cosmetics. Moisturizer, cream, shampoo, oil and young cannabis plant in plant pot isolated on white background. Healthy natural ecological cosmetics.

Cannabis has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Recently, cannabidiol (CBD) has become a popular ingredient in skincare products. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that has many benefits for the skin, including reducing inflammation and pain and helping to treat acne. This blog post will discuss the benefits of CBD […]

Dabbing into History: The Origin of Cannabis Concentrates

cannabis concentrate live resin macro detail extracted from cannabis

It was only a matter of time until cannabis concentrates made their way into the mainstream. With marijuana legalization sweeping the nation, people are starting to become more open-minded about the various ways to consume cannabis. Concentrates are one of the oldest forms of cannabis consumption and have a rich history that dates back centuries. […]

The 10 Best-Selling Pre-Rolls in Colorado

Stylish watch with leather band set at 4:20 with cannabis joint on sidetable with lamp, flowers, and earings.

The joint has been around nearly as long as humans have been smoking cannabis. It’s a basic concept: A marijuana cigarette. For most of time, all joints were pretty much the same. There were skilled rollers who could roll joints that were superior to others, but they were all just marijuana trim or flower in […]

A Short History of Denver’s 420 Festival

420 marijuana festival in denver's civic center park

Denver’s last 420 festival was April 20th, 2019 – three years ago! As with many other things in our lives, the festival has been put on hold during the pandemic. The 2020 festival was on track (with rapper Lil’ Jon scheduled to headline) until COVID-19 led to its cancelation just a month before the event. […]